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Fly Safe Magazine

In addition to serving as an in-flight magazine for Azman Air and an in-house publication for Tahir Hotel, Rahma Garden, Mariya Court, Executive Villa Apartment, and Castle de White House, Fly Safe is the most widely distributed and the only free travel publication in Nigeria. It is also distributed to passengers in lounges and at airports there.​
The first issue of Fly Safe Magazine was published in the third quarter of the year after it was initially introduced in January 2020. It initially appeared on a Boeing 737-300 operated by Azman Air that took off from Kano’s Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport at 7:30 a.m. for Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city. Fly Safe is a traveler’s genuine companion that gives large viewership and advertising chances to marketers, ensuring excellent brand recall. The magazine is being distributed for free, offering advertisers the chance to reach a larger audience, get exposed frequently, reach a highly targeted audience, and use a variety of display platforms.

Fly Safe Magazine is beloved by advertisers, vacationers, and travelers. Leading companies have long appreciated the opportunity to market their brands and products to what is perceived as a highly receptive population with cash to spend, including Dangote, Skyline University, Cilantro, Access Bank, Azman Air, UBA, LaCasera, Belemaoil, and many more renowned businesses. For those who read Fly Safe on a regular basis, it’s a comforting familiarity that helps to make travel enjoyable and educational.​
Fly Safe Magazine provides readers with information on the happenings at our affiliated airlines, popular tourist destinations, and the most recent aviation news. We keep passengers’ attention with engaging and educational articles on travel news and updates because they spend an average of 30 minutes every trip reading an in-flight magazine, which helps them better understand the aviation industry and our partners. We use our wide range of skills to create content that is specifically aimed at business leaders and frequent travelers.

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